Music is a form of art whose medium is sound, be it a voice of a person singing or someone playing a instrument like piano, guitar and violin not only this if I would to explain music in simple words any sound that brings melody to our ears can be considered as music. There is no dated history of when or where the music was originated, but if you look at the every known religion and culture in present or past you will find music. The presence of music has always been there in human society and has been a source of entertainment for a long time not only that in past people used to pass down knowledge in form of music.

Music has come a long way since ancient times you can find music of any type in just a click through internet or you can hear music on television or on radio anytime you feel like and not just that you can hear music anytime according to your mood. There are lot of genre in music let’s go through some of the famous genre people like to hear nowadays.


Heavy metal or metal is a genre of music with massive sound by high amplified distortion and overall loudness. This music culture originated in late 1960s in united states and united kingdom. Some of the famous artist of this genre are Deep Purple, Led zeppelin and Black Sabbath.


Classical music is often refer to as  old music and songs or to music of previous generation. Classical music has been mainly refer to be rooted to the western culture, which includes both secular and religious music. It is also refer to the music originated between 1750-1820.


Jazz is one of the music genre that started from new Orleans in United States. It’s origin is around late 19th century or early 20th century. Jazz genre music is also seen as American classic music. Jazz spread around the world and entered many different religion, nations and gave birth to many different music styles.MUSIC.... A SOUL TOUCHING SOUND


Country music or simply known as country has its roots from American folk music which consist of ballads, dance tunes and general folk lyrics, It’s said to be originated around late 1920 in southern united states.


Tribal music is a music form which combines Traditional house music with country music when is said to be originated around late 1980s to 1990s.


Blues musical form was originated in 1870s at south of united states. Blues musical for mainly  is related with work songs, spiritual and field hollers.

Above are just few of the music genre available in reality there are many genre and sub genre in which music is divided and it would take long time to just go through the genre names. Music style  you hear today is a sub genre of old music form, music travel from one place to another and took a new form and style like you listen to rap music which is famous nowadays. You can go anywhere in the world and will hear music that is a beauty of music, it connects people. Music bring piece, Music gives us courage it gives us confidence to get through the hard times. Be it a happy occasion or a religious activity you will always get to hear music  No matter where you are how bad you feel music can make you feel happy. Feeling sad you listen to music , bored you put your headphone on and tap the playlist, music has played an important part in our life’s, everyone has that one favorite song that they keep listening in repeat or if they hear that song anywhere they would jump and start singing along that’s the beauty of music and the musicians who bring this music to us we should be proud of them for giving us such good music to listen to, it’s the hard work to these artist that keep bringing us new songs and making our life a joyful journey in the end I would like to say what Roy Ayers said ” The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message and we the musicians are the messengers.”

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