How To Maintain Your Carpet Easily

How To Maintain Your Carpet Easily

Everyone want their home to look beautiful and clean and in this time and age  carpet plays a major role in making a house look beautiful not just beautiful it gives a house a healthy and maintained looks, but every household that owns a carpet knows how hard it is to clean and maintain a carpet and if you try to clean the carpet you would have notice how much dust a carpet have, it’s like a hotspot of dust, mites, bacteria and other diseases if a carpet is not properly taken care of and it’s hard to keep changing the carpet you have just because it get dirty or hire a professional as they also charge more to clean a carpet. So to maintain a carpet easily you should follow few steps to keep your carpet as clean as possible.


  • First thing you should remember is always avoid carpeting heavy traffic areas in your house like front door etc as these areas always have  dust and mud. Carpet is good for bedroom and living room as carpet are warm and cozy but it is a bad idea to carpet high traffic areas in house as it will get dirty easily.
  • To limit the dirt and mud on your carpet always ask your guest and family member to remove shoes and wipe their feet before using carpet as it will limit the dirt from outside on your carpet.
  • One of the most important step to maintain is vacuuming your carpet regularly no matter how careful you are your carpet will still accumulate dust and mud, so vacuuming regularly will remove dust, allergens and remove dullness of your carpet.
  • Whenever you see a stain or spill something on your carpet always remember time is the key remove that stain as quickly as possible if a stain is settled on your carpet it will be hard to remove later.
  • Vacuuming is important other than that you should also use carpet protecting spray to protect your carpet for a longer life.
  • After doing all this it is still hard to clean a carpet completely it is recommended and you should always hire a professional to clean a carpet once every 12-18 months as it increase carpet life and professionals use machines are powerful and it will make your carpet as good as new.
    After trying all this still there are times when you somehow spill something like coffee on your carpet or spot appears on your carpet it looks odd and your want to remove that form your carpet before calling for a professional help try this DYI method
  • You can make homemade stain removing solution with vinegar as vinegar has superpower to remove stains.
  • Rub the stain area on the carpet carefully with the solution of two spoon table salt with half cup white vinegar.
  • For big and old stains add borax to the solution and use the same way
  • After applying the solution let it settle for time after the solution is dry use clean cloth to remove the solution repeat the process until stain is removed.
  • Then vacuum the area and the stain will be gone

You can use these methods before hiring the professions if this help it will save you time and money if this doesn’t help or stain on your carpet is hard to remove you should contact a professional carpet cleaning service as soon as possible because if you let the stain set on your it will be hard to remove later and it will also affect the carpet life. With the things mentioned above if you follow these things regularly it will help you to maintain your carpet and will make your carpet last longer than usual and will also help in keeping your family healthy as dirty carpet in the house is a hub to diseases so using these things to keep your carpet clean will also help not only in making your house look attractive and clean but will also keep your family and loved ones safe from all the diseases which a dirty carpet have and will give you healthy safe and stress free home environment.

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