How Online Games Are Limiting A Child Exposure And Explorer Abilities

How Online Games Are Limiting

It’s not been many years since the online games have become a revolution and an ease of availability. Today the online gaming sector is at its boom and have changed ever since the internet had bought people and gamers closer all with just a click on a link. However, the online gaming belongs to late 1970’s but was a resource to only a handful of people. It was the early 90’s where availability of internet has increased and so the nature of online gaming too. Earlier in days there were few indoor games like chess, Caroms, Ludo, Snooker  today not only the indoor games but also the outdoor games have shrunk into a palms size and are in reach of fingers. Today you name a game indoor or outdoor call your imagination you will find a game on it. There are games today where you can join a hundred people in a single platform from the comforts of their homes/place and play online games the most successful example of this in the current years IS PUBG the most played games also the most watched games. Today online games are not only a source of fun or entertainment but is now a new industry segment where not only people are earning passive income but have their mainstream jobs ranging from live players, commentators you tubers, developers and so on….!

Most of the previous generations did not have such access and not were the instruments of then gaming cheap like the pulsation’s or the Xbox. Today the ease of internet and its accessibility in compact design mobiles have become a game changer in the world of Online gaming. Kids today do not wait for a Christmas or their birthday for having the latest game at their homes, all they need today is a Mobile and internet. These are the times of long hours of eyes on your computers and mobiles form real time strategy games to massively multiplayer online games. Today Massively multiplayer online games have become a billion-dollar industry with massively million players some games are free on various portals while others work on subscription pattern, In some games you need to pay for the software price of the game while others you have to download the patches with sum subscriptions or free patches and these also have a new base for frequent online advertisement’s giving rise to virtual economics. These are the games of social media era, and are games that have now opened new virtual reality worlds. Today Gamers can communicate, plan, act and play in real time no matter where they belong or from where they play the only important factor is you need an internet connectivity and a device to run the game.

Many have claimed that online gaming has given rise and improvement in skills like early reading, strategical thinking, but is this way of getting skills of early learning a very important factor to promote such online games in every platform available. Don’t you think having anything before the time does not benefit in any way. Games that require a lot strategical thinking, problem solving ability and immense memory have made the brains of little kids to run beforehand, meaning at the time where our child’s body should only be associated with development of the brain it has moved a step forward and has started using the resource of the brain at a very tender age. Natural learning and exploring of life still should be recommended to the kids, instead of pushing them into a world full of lies and virtual existence. Today’s parents should not be too much lenient with kids that the kids never move out of the virtual world and face the real world. This kind of growing should be changed before online games become the major play system of the kid’s life.

Do not know how it impacts the society and the future generations, but it shall be the duty of Parents to push their kids out of homes and ask them to play in the mud, run under the burning sun, move their entire body not just only fingers as all the best lessons of life should come the hard way. Also we feel the online games do not give a right platform for development of qualities like sportsmanship, team spirit, will power etc.  all these can be learnt only on the field.

Play Hard play outside..!

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